Discounted Nuckle Ball Zone-R Jig Closeout

Discounted Nuckle Ball Zone-R Jig Closeout


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Nuckle Ball® “Zone-R” Jig

These are “older” but still new Zone-Rs. The Gold does not have eyes painted on. The other Zone-R eyes will wear off over time but the painted body of the jig is perfectly fine! Green/Glo is more of a green and white, the glow is very limited. Still this a great product at a AMAZING price!!! Only select sizes and colors are available. Online only! Get them now until they are completely gone! No refunds on these closeout items!

A World Class, Big Tournament Winner!

The revolutionary Nuckle Ball Jig was first introduced in 1993. Its list of accomplishments include a world record (walleye class 4) and a PWT Super Pro Tournament winner.

The Nuckle Ball Jig is superior over other jig designs and is the industry’s most advanced jig design, compatible with any presentation.

By design, the eyelet is strategically placed at the jig’s balance point. The revolutionary “head under” design allows for a 100% open hook gap for awesome hook-sets.

It stands up relentlessly on the bottom to minimize snags & keeps the bait upright for a natural presentation. The jig hands horizontal when suspended or on a swimming retrieve, along with a great “teeter totter” action when vertical jigging.

When faced with tough fishing conditions, the Nuckle Ball “Zone-R” Jig will get the job done. Designed for minimal water resistance, the jig of choice for vertical jigging current and deep water applications or under adverse weather conditions and/or when Dubuque Rigging. Balanced, heavy duty hydrodynamic head design minimizes hang-ups. Get down, Stay down!

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Black, Black/Chartreuse 005, Black/Orange 004, Chartreuse 033, Gold 008, Green/Chartreuse 001, Green/Glow 002, Orange 034, Orange/Chartreuse 000, Pink 035, Pink/White 003, White 032


1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., 3/8 oz.

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25 Pack


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